– November 27th, 2010

You see these signs everywhere – “Real Estate Investor Looking for Apprentice.” If you want a mentor to learn the real estate business, here are some questions you should ask:

  • Where did you learn to invest in real estate?
    • If they did not learn from a credible source, what can they teach you?
    • There are many “real estate gurus” that make money selling books and tapes. Though they may have bought houses in the past, the real estate market is going through monumental changes. Anyone not involved in the market daily is out of touch.
  • How many houses have you purchased? How many this year?
    • Many of the real estate seminars teach putting these signs up. The fact is, they may not have bought many more houses than you have.
  • Will I actually be buying houses, or just finding houses for you?
    • Most of these signs are looking for people to do legwork for them. If you actually find a house, you will make only pennies while they make the real money.
    • The reality is, people putting these signs up probably do not have a reliable source of leads for people trying to sell their house. So, they need people like you to “bird dog” for them. They don’t have the time to do the real work.

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